Friday, June 11, 2010

Introduction of the play Beauty by Jane Martin

The play is about two girls whose names are Carla and Bathany. Their personalities and lives are developed by their dialog. The two girls, Carla is a beauty and Bethany in intelligent, have their own troubles. Bathany dreams of turning into a beauty like Carla, unfortunately, the dream comes true by the help of a genie. Then, how the story ends would depend on our imagination.

Carla is so beautiful that she is always the center of men’s attention. She is always busy having telephone calls and going on dates. However, she is not good at studying, she even can’t remember page four when she read page six. On the other hand, Bathany is outstanding in school. She has published short stories and has a job with a $40,000 salary. However, she is less beautiful than Carla. She longs to become a beauty.

In my opinion, the most memorable sentence in the play is that when they exchanged by the genie in the end, they said, “We both have the one thing, the one and only thing everybody wants.” It is a really philosophical expression with the deep meaning, I think.

The play tells us we should cherish our own selves. Everybody is unique and has their own advantages. In this way, God is equal to everyone.

(this is the class exercise, the grammar is corrected by Diane)


  1. i was realy impressed
    good job !^^

  2. How could you possibly be impressed with this?